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Physician and Patient Approval of Sinclair’s Aesthetic Treatments Surges in Europe

By Jeffrey Frentzen, Executive Editor

Throughout Europe, physicians have reported an increase in business among aesthetic practices, as well as growing patient approval of skin revitalization treatments from Sinclair Pharma plc (London, U.K.). With the introduction or relaunch of the company’s innovative aesthetic brands (including Sculptra) across Europe over the past 24 months, Sinclair has attracted a large number of new physicians to begin using its brands – up 53% in 2015 alone.

For instance, the firm’s unique ELLANSÉ™ line of collagen stimulators, which can provide results lasting from one to four years, has been rolled out in selected countries. This product line not only delivers consistent, outstanding results, but also reaps praise from key opinion leaders in the field.

In addition, PERFECTHA®, the latest generation of biphasic hyaluronic acid (HA)-based filler, has experienced continued success across Europe, facilitated by the firm’s commitment to in-depth physician training and the creation of a tailored portfolio based on practitioner experience and needs.

Likewise, market response to Silhouette Soft®, the exclusive non-surgical antiaging technology that provides skin suspension and volume repositioning, has been quite positive, reflecting physicians’ interest in adopting the innovative procedure. As further proof, sales of Silhouette Soft have grown a remarkable 120% in just one year.

Silhouette Soft’s popularity has developed quickly, according to Kuldeep Minocha, G.P., an aesthetic physician in London, U.K. “The product is revolutionary and it works beautifully as an adjunct to other treatments, including laser and energy-based modalities, as well as peels,” he expressed. “It is uniquely safe in the market, with threads that produce Type 1 collagen, which is a far more natural look.”

Silhouette Soft - face 2014-04

Silhouette Soft Resorbable Sutures

In less than two years, Sinclair has rapidly emerged as a major player in the European aesthetic space. Specifically in France, this past year brought the launch of ELLANSÉ S and M, as well as PERFECTHA Cosmetic Line initiatives that have provided physicians with an added value service to their patients.

The company’s product introductions have been strategic. In Italy and Switzerland, Sinclair is now (with the help of new partners) viewed as a key contender in this industry. In other territories business is simply exploding, such as Spain, where unit sales of ELLANSÉ have recently tripled.

Sinclair’s success story in the U.K. has similar characteristics. With its aesthetic line surging in popularity with practitioners, this growth pattern has accelerated expansion in neighboring countries or regions – one such example being Sinclair’s emergent brand presence in Ireland. In Germany, the firm has made substantial inroads in a crowded market with recent successful launches of ELLANSÉ and PERFECTHA.

Brand awareness is also growing among patients, advised key opinion leaders. “When consumers learn about these products and procedures on the Internet, they come to me and ask for ELLANSÉ or Silhouette Soft by name,” said Ruth Moro Garcia, M.D., an aesthetic physician in Valencia, Spain. “Sinclair products have helped me to build trust with my patients. I can offer procedures that were not available in our field before. Patients end up with a natural, vibrant rejuvenation of the face and neck, and a tremendous improvement in the skin’s tone and overall quality.”


PERFECTHA _the best for you

For Iñigo de Felipe, M.D., a dermatologist in Barcelona, Spain, PERFECTHA has become popular with his patients, on several levels. “The injection is a positive experience for the patient, meaning it is not painful and there is no swelling or inflammation in the days after treatment. It is also important that they can return to their regular activities right away. Patient satisfaction is high when using these products, with some continuing to see results one or two years after injection and sometimes even longer.”

“Patients don’t say, I want a collagen stimulator,” stated Roberto Pizzamiglio, M.D., a plastic surgeon in Marbella, Spain. “They come to us asking to increase facial volume or tighten the tissue. The physician then analyzes the skin to decide whether they are really suitable for collagen stimulation, such as ELLANSE, or an HA filler such as PERFECTHA, or Silhouette Soft threads. The important thing is that two or three months after treatment they see a real difference – their skin has better consistency, improved connectivity, and even reduced laxity since increasing the collagen produces some tightening effects.”

Although brand recognition by customers is growing, Sinclair’s strong push on physician training has resulted in a sort of back door marketing and sales success, leading to more practices adopting its anti-aging solutions.

“Sinclair products offer effective, synergistic tools that work well and work together,” stated Sabine Zenker, M.D., a dermatologist in Munich, Germany. “The company has successfully differentiated its products in a highly competitive marketplace, as well. The price is affordable and the safety data is very good. Moreover, Sinclair’s physician training programs are key to practice success.”


ELLANSÉ Collagen Stimulators

Sinclair’s training workshops have exceeded practitioners’ expectations in terms of quality content, according to Pierre Nicolau, M.D., a plastic surgeon in Paris, France, and trainer for Sinclair products. “Over the past year in Spain, for instance, dozens of training courses have been conducted for more than 500 physicians,” he said.

Notably, these products and procedures are not difficult for the physician to learn. “That is not the reason behind the training courses,” said Dr. Pizzamiglio. “Instead, one learns how to achieve the best results possible using easy, safe products. As an example, with Silhouette Soft it is very important to know the level that you must insert the thread, to avoid going too deep or too superficial, etc. The courses are very clear and very practical.”

Beyond physician education, Sinclair is very responsive to customer questions and providing expert advice, according to Dr. Nicolau. “The company is extremely scientifically and medically orientated,” he stated. “When you invest in Sinclair’s aesthetic products it’s not like you’re just buying a commodity. It’s about learning what is behind aging, the entire process and relationships to human anatomy, in addition to the synergy we can achieve with these products. It is very rewarding.”

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